E-Books Could Prove New Revenue Stream For Times Journalists?

Joe Pompeo at Yahoo reports on media outlets’ forays into e-book publishing.

It’s interesting stuff: the New York Times released an ebook early this year compiling mostly previously-published work from 49 Times journalists on WikiLeaks; the book’s sales didn’t reach Amanda Hocking levels but it’s done well enough that the Times has put out a paperback edition.

The paper is already “actively thinking about its next ebook” so the ROI must be pretty decent.

Time‘s $7 ebook on the 50th anniversary of the birth control pill, adapted and expanded from an article that ran in the magazine, reached 400 on the Kindle bestseller list, and Foreign Policy sold 1,000 copies of a book on the Middle East within the first week of its launch at $5 a pop. “This is going to be a terrific growth area,” editor Susan Glasser told Pompeo.

Well, go media organizations.