E-book subscription service eReatah launches private beta

Image via eReatah

eReatah has announced the private beta launch of its e-book subscription service, offering over 80,000 titles across all genres, with support from major book publishers including Simon & Schuster.

eReatah is described as the “first and only cross-genre e-book subscription service,” available on iOS and Android devices. Users can purchase one of three different monthly plans, and will gain access to e-books for 20-40% less than the average price.

The plans range from two e-books per month for $16.99 to four books for $33.50. There’s no contract, allowing users to cancel or change their subscription plan at any time.

The program offers personalized recommendations based on a user’s reading history, as well as those books enjoyed by other readers, and users can load those books on up to six different devices, including Kindle Fire, Nook or Kobo tablets.

eReatah founder Bryan Batten spent two years creating the subscription service, implementing terms that were acceptable to not only readers, but also the authors and publishers of the available books.

“My goal with eReatah was to design a subscription service that I myself wanted to use,” said Batten, via a company release. “As a reader, I like to be the person who finds a great book that none of my friends have read, so I can recommend it to them.  While eReatah’s library contains many of the best-sellers, we are also excited about our recommendation engine, which can help introduce lesser-heralded masterpieces to users so they can become curators and share those special finds.”

eReatah’s private beta launches just days after Amazon announced the upcoming launch of Kindle MatchBook. That service will give users the chance to download discounted (or free) Kindle e-book editions of physical books they have purchased or will purchase after the program launches in October.