Dzanc Books Launches eBook Club

Dzanc Books has launched a digital book club called Dzanc Books eBook Club. To help promote the launch, Dzanc is offering a deal, in which you get 11 eBooks for $50, in exchange for signing up.

Five of the titles will be available to the member immediately and the other six will include a book-a-month over the following six months. Beginning on December 1st titles will be delivered on the first of each month. After the sixth month, members will be billed $5 per month to continue the subscription.

The first five eBooks include: Laura van den Berg’s short story collection, What the World Will Look Like When All the Water Leaves Us; Terese Svoboda’s novel, Pirate Talk or Mermalade; Steven Gillis’ novel, The Consequence of Skating; Dawn Raffel’s short story collection, Further Adventures in the Restless Universe; and Jeff Parker’s short story collection, The Taste of Penny.

The eBooks will be delivered via e-mail announcement with a links to download.

Upcoming selections in the eBook Club include Robert Lopez’s short story collection Asunder and short story collections by Roy Kesey, Matt Bell, Pamela Ryder, Sean McGrady, and David Galef, as well as two anthologies, Best of the Web 2011 and No Near Exit: a Post Road Anthology.