Dyson Sucks Up to Issey Miyake

dc16.jpgjames & dai.jpg
Posh-accented James Dyson, hater of ad agencies and lover of enduring suction, recently collaborated with Issey Miyake creative director Dai Fujiwara on a runway show that featured “an airflow-inspired catwalk environment” and clothing based on Dyson vacuum parts. How to celebrate such a collaboration? With a tribute vacuum cleaner, of course. Just launched in the United Kingdom (and yours for only 99 pounds 99) is a new Issey Miyake limited edition version of Dyson’s DC16 handheld vacuum. As far as we can tell, the only difference from the standard version is the color (Barney purple replaces the original safety orange), but at least now we know what Phaidon owner (and consummate Miyake fan) Richard Schlagman will be using to keep his library dust-free.