Dyson School: Council Approved It, But Now Where’s the Rest of the Money Coming From?


Could this Dyson School of Design Innovation become one of those stories we keep coming back to again and again throughout the years because it keeps remaining interesting? Lord, we hope so, because it makes our job just that much easier. So last week we talked about, first, Dyson running into a snag with the city council in the town he wants to build his school in, and second, that the council gave him the okay. Now we hear from the Telegraph who says that, despite recent successes in convincing the council and calming down the UK’s Environment Agency that the new building won’t flood, the school still has to raise thirty-one million more dollars to get going. Here’s a bit:

The school was originally estimated to cost $25m – with half the money donated from the Dyson Foundation and the rest funded by the public. But now Sir James estimates it will cost at least $56m. He remains hopeful that it will open in 2010 as planned, but his advisers say this is “optimistic”.

“We knew it would be difficult. Very few modern buildings have been built in Bath. What has been so surprising is how long it has taken to get to the point of actually buying the site,” he told The Sunday Telegraph.