DYK the NYT Won’t Print ‘WTF’?



Senior citizens tend to be set in their old-fashioned ways.

They’re not so interested in joining the “cool kids,” because blood flow is a hot commodity at their age. Their definition of a “hot time in the sack” involves warm Ovaltine and an electric blanket. The only time they use the word “hip” is when they’re discussing the one they broke last summer.

Such is life for “The [Old] Grey Lady,” also known as The New York Times. 

She is dead set against the salty language of some of her younger, more heavily bearded counterparts online. In fact, she is so musty and old-hat that even spelling a bad word is against her scruples. This was discovered by Jack Mirkinson, editor of HuffPo Media.

When you read his tweet, remember to respect your elders…even if you want to troll @NYTimes on Twitter.