This Just In: Sportswriters Have No Idea Where Dwight Howard Will Be Playing Next Season

There is no shortage of speculative coverage about whether Lakers center Dwight Howard will return to the purple and gold in 2013-14. It’s fuel for the [f]ire known as sports talk radio, Internet blog Web and newspaper sports sections.

Just like Oscar season, just like who might buy the LA Times, the Howard huzzah started immediately and has not stopped. Even though there’s nothing much new and tangible to base it all on. Here’s how Mark Medina contextualized the matter for the Los Angeles Daily News:

A source familiar with Howard’s thinking says he plans to test free agency and has considered the Lakers, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Golden State…

The source added Howard’s main concern involves “what team he feels has the best chance to win championships, has the best team and system around him.” The source also stressed Howard has not and will not ask the Lakers to make any moves on his behalf… Either way, Howard can’t officially re-sign until July 10 when a moratorium on NBA business is lifted.

Did you catch that last part? That’s right; we’re talking 47 more days, 1,128 more hours or – if you refresh-prefer – 67,680 more minutes of largely unbridled speculation. And if on that mid-summer July 10 Wednesday, Howard announces it’s not the Lakers, then get ready for weeks, hours and minutes of guessing about what ultimately pushed him away from the STAPLES Center paint.

[Photo: Ira Bostick/]