Dwell, Nylon Go Glam


Had a lovely breakfast this morning with Glam.com founder Samir Arora — who warmly embraced Web guru Esther Dyson as she happened by (she and Arora go way back, and she helped him with Glam) — when he sprung a new idea on us and tipped us to some news.

His fashion and women’s lifestyle network surpassed Style.com’s Web traffic long ago to take the lead, and this month Glam will hit 200 sites (including blogs, networks and magazine Web sites), including, any moment, content from Dwell and Nylon. (They’re supposed to send out a press release dated tomorrow.)

He also sprung a new concept on us: the editor as “curator.” No longer, in the digital world at least, at the top of a food chain, deciding who covers what, but more like someone sitting in a maelstrom of news, information, entertainment, and more, picking and choosing — minute-by-minute, if necessary — what the audience sees, quickly changing and melding it as traffic rises or falls to any particular item.

Glam’s already partnered with Marie Claire — Arora can’t say enough about new editor Joanna Coles — and Cosmopolitan, running exclusive blogs for them during Fashion Week. Glam’s got about 40 percent of its own content, and gets another 60 percent through its network. So Glam’s executive editor, Tracey Anderson, has plenty to curate.