Dwell Fixes Up Their Home


We heard from our pals over at Dwell this week, who alerted us to big changes over on their site. In fact, it’s nothing but changes. They’ve completely overhauled the whole Dwell.com, putting into place a whole new look, novel things like a blog, shopping, podcasts, and even this Web 2.0-ery networking thing called Dwell Connect. Personally, we really dig it and think it’s a great step for the magazine. Here’s straight from the PR department to you:

Michela O’Connor Abrams, President of Dwell, has announced the launch of an extensively updated dwell.com, going live Wednesday, February 21, 2007. Offering networking, audio, video and expanded archived content as well as a wealth of resources and information, the site is designed to be a destination for an ever-growing community interested and invested in modern architecture and design.

“Our mission has always been to deepen our connection with the wonderfully engaged community of people who are inspired by modern architecture and design,” says O’Connor Abrams. “Dwell.com offers visitors the opportunity to build upon and benefit from an ongoing dialogue that began with the inception of Dwell magazine in October 2000.”