Dvorkin Enters, Forbes Staffers Unsure About Job

Can you hear that low, robotic, eerie breathing entering the door? Forbes staffers have begun to notice it as Darth D’Vorkin has finally started at the magazine.

True/Slant’s founder Lewis Dvorkin is set to make some significant changes as he gets going at Forbes, after True/Slant was purchased in May. He’s planning on searching for ways to create content in the quickest possible time. “Moving forward, when I look at an operation like Forbes, I look at a mixture of a full-time staff base and hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, of freelance contributors. It’s that blend,” said Dvorkin to The New York Observer.
But Forbes staffers, who gave him the nickname referencing the Star Wars fiend, are not sure exactly how this will effect their job, reports the Observer.

“I don’t know if I would use the word ‘bewilderment,'” the staffer said. “It’s kind of unclear even at this stage, when he talks about turning people into bloggers, self-promoters and everything, does that mean us? Where do we editors and reporters fit in?”

Sounds like there could be some pain as the staff adjusts to Dvorkin’s big plans.