Dungeon Rampage gets major update, officially launches across the web

Rebel Entertainment’s social free-to-play action role-playing game officially launched this week on multiple platforms, sporting some serious updates. We sat down with General Manager Mike Goslin to check out what players can expect.

Dungeon Rampage initially came to Facebook in March and we reviewed the game shortly afterwards. Since then, Rebel’s made a point of refining the game’s graphics, adding new regions, enemies and items and also removed the system that used keys as energy. Instead, keys now open chests, which can now provide players with extra hard currency. Gold coins, the game’s soft currency, can now be used to purchase anything in the game except vanity items like character skins. Cross-platform play and in-game friending are also going live this week.

Goslin showed off an upcoming character called the Pyromancer. The Pyromancer is a fire mage who happens to be possessed by a demon, and his “Dungeon Buster” attack involves letting the demon out to wreak havoc across the game screen. Goslin also tells us the Vampire Hunter character is about to get a new skin based on Chinese mythology.

Goslin tells us Rebel Entertainment plans to update Dungeon Rampage regularly, much like a larger developer would for a full-fledged MMORPG. Some of the updates we got to see examples of included themed content based on holidays or real-world events (like the Olympics), as well as an entirely new game environment to explore. Likewise, the developer is planning to launch another update to the game’s weapon system that will allow players to effectively buff their weaponry and create unique combat effects that will aid them as they move through the dungeons.

Rebel Entertainment is also featuring a “Founders’ Week” from now through September 11. During this time, players will receive special in-game bonuses including a bonus character skin.

Dungeon Rampage is now officially launched on Facebook, Kongregate and its own website.