Handsome New Travel and Design Magazine Starts Off in Milan

Issue #1 of August is available now

For the debut issue of travel and design magazine August, priced at $20 and available online, the focus is Milan. That’s the clever hook of Dung Ngo’s enterprise: each issue will devote itself entirely to a single location.

To capture the many splendors of this Italian city, Ngo enlised Noemi Bonazzi as guest editor and Adrian Gaut as guest photographer. Gaut, from Portland, Ore., is based in New York City. Some of his work for the issue can be seen in Curbed’s excerpt of “Master of His Domani,” a contributed piece by W magazine features director Alix Browne about art dealer Massimo de Carlo.

Ngo has a colorful description for his new project, one that relies on the Hollywood device of citing a creative endeavor’s two closest cousins:

“August is the lovechild of Nest and National Geographic,” I would tell friends. Nest, of course, is the late-’90s brainchild of Joe Holzman—the cult interiors magazine that broke the mold for all interiors magazines to come. Each issue was a revelation and a master class in rule-breaking, from what to show to how to show it, often in dramatic forms that included die-cuts and scalloped pages featuring the collage-like residences of idiosyncratic personalities. The rash of niche publications on newsstands today (or at least, the good ones) all owe a debt to Nest.

Then there’s National Geographic, which needs no introduction or context; it has been the stable of every decent dentist’s office and home den since I was growing up. What is influential about Nat Geo is that they didn’t show “new” things, but rather old stuff (much of it very old) that you hadn’t known existed before, and which after reading, changed your world entirely.

Another feature of Issue #1 is a set of Itineraries and Insider’s Guides. There are walking tours, as well as recommendations of places to visit by the aformentioned de Carlo, writer Barbara Radice, architect Franco Raggi and others.