Dump All Your Web Content into One Hub with Onaswarm

onaswarm.jpgEver wanted to collect all your web content under one web hub or portal? Is Yahoo Pipes too complicated for you and you want a simple way of gathering your web contents from weblogs, social networking sites and bookmarks? Onaswarm is the best solution I’ve encountered so far.

Onaswarm is a new web service which is currently in beta stage. It lets you collect web contents from your various weblogs, social networks, photo sharing services, social bookmarking sites, e-mail and dump all of these content into one web hub which full searchable indexed and tagged portals called lifestream.

onaswarmaccount.jpgDon’t be misled; Onaswarm is not just another aggregator. Onaswarm aggregates your content just like other RSS aggregators (Bloglines, Google Reader, etc.). But what sets it apart from the usual feed aggregators is the fact that you can create a swarm composed of lifestreams covering the same topic of interests. And the best part is, you can easily create lifestreams or your content’s web hub easily and quickly as you can think. No technical or logical skills needed. All you need is a single user account that you use in your various content sites. Onaswarm will collect the content from your accounts and create your content hub in a matter of minutes.

Onaswarm was created to make everyone’s online life a little better and organized as well. As a web 2.0 application/tool there are several ways by which you can use Onaswarm:

  • Active Blogroll – Use Onaswarm to add your friends’ feeds which you can label as “not your content”, then create a widget from your Onaswarm page and be inform of the whereabouts of your friends
  • Tracking your Communities’ activities – Onaswarm lets you create swarms for your communities where you can invite members to join
  • Shared Facebook Calendar – Use Onaswarm to let your Facebook friends import their calendar into Onaswarm and start sharing each others calendars through Onaswarm
  • As a regular Weblog – Just like your free blogging platforms, you can start developing your Onaswarm blog for free

These are just some of the uses of Onaswarm. But if you are creative enough, you will soon discover many uses of Onaswarm.

What I like best about it is that I can dump my entire web properties with the same user account into the Onaswarm hub and then create a widget for these that I can embed on my main blog. I have wanted to do this with Yahoo Pipes but just couldn’t find the time to set up my own Pipe. Good thing I found out about Onaswarm and after requesting for a beta invite, I was able to get into the beta test in a couple of days.

Onaswarm may soon be launched for public consumption. I’ve got a couple of invites to share. Leave a comment here if you want one. Or you might want to request directly from Onaswarm for an invite.