Dumbstruck expands reaction-based photo and video messaging app on iOS

dumbstruck 650

Photo and video messaging platform Dumbstruck launched on iOS in December 2013, but has recently been updated with a variety of new features, in response to user feedback. The platform focuses on reaction-based messaging, as users send photos or videos to their friends, and can ‘watch them’ react in user-reaction videos.

Via these updates, the Dumbstruck app has been given a complete camera redesign and the ability to upload photos and videos to the platform from the camera roll (useful for sending after a moment has passed). These messages can be edited with new filters, stickers and meme content, in order to make them more entertaining for the recipient.

In addition, the platform’s support for stop-motion video has been extended, with a maximum video length of 10 seconds, up from six.

After video reactions are sent between users, they’re automatically deleted from the app after 24 hours, unless users choose to save them. A user’s most favorite moments can be shared outside the app, to services including Facebook and Twitter.

“Developing and launching Dumbstruck in a matter of two months was an exciting accomplishment for us,” said Peter Allegretti, co-founder of Dumbstruck. “We have been shocked by the success and quick adoption of our app and our main goal over the next several months is to continue introducing disruptive features that drive user downloads and increase engagement levels of all users.”

The Dumbstruck platform isn’t the first to offer reaction-based messaging on mobile phones, as Moment Catcher records videos as users watch slideshows, YouTube videos and other content. Chatwala also provides video messaging, with users shown reaction videos of their recipients, recorded when viewing the original video message.

You can follow all of these moment-catching apps on AppData.

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