Dumbass Pitches

You know those annoying emails you get from people pitching dumb ideas and products? We used to cast them aside, but some of these are SO bad, we had to share them. It’s a segment we call “DumbassPitches” and today’s is quite a doozy.

It’s from Deb Bowen, who is “Nudism/Clothing Optional & Lifestyle Expert.” Deb is also the PR Coordinator at Caliente Clothing Optional Resort. How exciting. A genuine naked person! Deb would like to address the misconceptions associated with nudism and answer questions for a curious public.

So, what questions can Deb answer?

Deb says that she can speak to a variety of issues. Including:

  • What are some of the advantages of being a nudist?
  • How popular is nudism and has it gained momentum over the years?
  • Why do people initially begin the journey of being a nudist?
  • Is the nudist lifestyle common among families with children or is primarily adults?

The last one seems particularly unnecessary. My shortcomings as a father have been well-documented, but I’ve never forced my children to get naked around a bunch of naked grownups.

If that’s not enough for you, Deb is multi-talented. She reveals that she is also a “singer and performer.” What kind of “performance” are we talking about?