Dumbass Pitches

Earlier in the week, we alerted you to one of our recent Dumbass Pitches that involved the classic rock group, Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Today, we stick with the theme and bring you our latest Dumbass Pitch from Judy Collins. We get so many dumbass pitches here in the Fishbowl, that we decided we can’t just keep them to ourselves. We have to share them with you. Collins has a book out called SWEET JUDY BLUE EYES: My Life in Music. Collins, a folk-singer and the inspiration for the Crosby, Stills and Nash’s “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes”, has seen a lot. She’d like to tell you all about in her book. What can we find out? For starters, we hear all about how she was at the forefront of the Vietnam protests and shaped a generation. Of course, there’s a twist. The pitch says, “Yet Judy Collins’s personal life was anything but clear and hopeful, and as her career skyrocketed, her battles with depression, addiction, and heartache escalated as well.” So, how is this different from every other musician that came from the Sixties?

We can learn more than we ever needed or wanted to know about Judy. Here’s an excerpt from the book description:

“As her young marriage to Peter Taylor fell apart, Collins entered a world of experimentation and freedom from inhibitions, yet she craved emotional connections as much as physical ones. Throughout this memoir, she
describes the intense highs and lows she reached in love, often with musicians and producers—reaching a calamitous, beautiful zenith with Stephen Stills and culminating in a tender romance with Louis Nelson, her husband and soul mate, who has been in her life for more than thirty years.”

We are told that even through all the trials, Judy is “grateful for the gift of music.” Hope it was all worth it Judy!

In other Dumbass Pitch news, we got a pitch to talk to Irwin Yablans. Yes, THE Irwin Yablans. If you don’t know, he is the creator or the “Halloween” movie franchise. He is being pitched for no product in particular. Just that he can talk about Halloween and why audiences like to be scared. Riveting! Funny how the pitch ONLY mentions the Halloween movie franchise. They don’t mention that he was the producer on other smash hits like “Blood Beach”, “Roller Boogie”, and “Nocturna: Granddaughter of Dracula.” Here is a sampling of some of the spellbinding questions that they suggest we could ask Mr. Yablans:

• What forced you into becoming an independent producer?

• How did you first break into the business?

• As a poor kid growing up in Brooklyn, did you ever  think you could become a success in Hollywood?

In other words…  All about him and not as much about Halloween. That is a truly scary Dumbass Pitch.