Dumbass Pitches

In this continuing series, we want to shine a light on the truly terrible story pitches that we receive in the Fishbowl. Rather than throw them in the trash, we wanted to share, so settle in for a truly Dumbass Pitch.

Today poor pitch comes from formerly-famous TV psychic John Edward. He has a new book out called Fallen Masters. So, if you were looking for some light end-of-summer reading, it’s described as a novel about “the final confrontation of good and evil.” In other words, it sounds just like any political ad running these days. While Edward is best known for his psychic abilities, he seems to think he’s quite the writer. Just look at how they describe how the book will change your life. They say, “Many of us remember how we felt when we read Stephen King‘s The StandFallen Masters will resonate with readers just as deeply as King’s iconic epic!!” Just like that, he’s the next Stephen King?!

While we haven’t read the book, we can’t imagine it will change our lives. Maybe he should just stick to being a psychic. Then again, he can’t be very good at it. If he was, he would have known that I was going to delete this Dumbass Pitch before I even finished reading it.