Dumbass Pitches

Today’s “Dumbass Pitch” comes from Nadine Lajoie, author of Win the Race of Life, and her publicist Debbie Jonas at Mediaproductions.tv. Here’s how it goes. As you may have heard, a plane crashed this weekend and Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg—who was not on the flight but also has a book to promote—managed to shrewdly turn this crash into a story about herself with a Facebook post about how she was almost, but not, on that plane.

Not to be outdone by such ninja-like PR skills, Lajoie and Jonas tell us Lajoie is also available to talk about the crash, or more specifically, about the benefits of being grateful. Sandberg was grateful she wasn’t on the plane that crashed. Get it?

But forget about Sandberg. Some fun facts about Lajoie that we couldn’t care less about and neither should you: She’s American’s “High Speed Success Coach,” she sings like an angel (?), and she co-authored a book called Fight for your Dreams.

They provide a list of questions Lajoie can answer, but we think we can take a stab at them on our own…

Q: Do people often forget to be thankful for what they do have?

Um, this is a definite yes.

Q: What are some common things that people don’t appreciate like they should?

Family, friends, career, health, shelter, youth, affluence and big chocolaty cupcakes from Baked & Wired.

Q: What is the best way to show someone appreciation?

A hug. That, or a big hearty slap on the back that slightly stings.