‘Dumb Ways to Die’ Does Halloween

On this Throwback Thursday, here’s a new campaign from the team behind one of our favorite PSA series: “Dumb Ways to Die.”

This one is interesting in that it’s not a standalone piece: it’s “interactive” in allowing users to make a Choose Your Own Adventure-style decision: trick or treat? Here’s the intro:

Tricks and treats below.

Here’s the trick:

And here’s the treat:

In summary: don’t throw eggs, because angry chickens will kill you. And don’t overdo it on the candy or other, hungrier trick or treaters will kill and eat you. Important points!

A reminder: this work was produced by the Australian wing of ad agency McCann Erickson. And there’s totally a PR angle here: many people who will never visit Australia or use its public transit system are now at least somewhat aware of Melbourne Metro thanks to this campaign. This is true even as it continues to move further and further away from its original purpose: encouraging train riders Down Under to “mind the gap.”

Successful “content” can come in almost any context promoting almost any brand/product — as long as it’s good.