Duff Goldman Set to Help Lowville Claim Guinness Cheesecake Record

A few months ago, folks at the Nantwich International Cheese Show in England crossed the two-ton cheesecake mark to take away a Guinness World Record from Lowville, New York. This weekend, a team led by Ace of Cakes star Duff Goldman will – unless something curdles terribly wrong – take back those bragging rights.*

It’s all set to happen Saturday in a small hamlet northeast of Syracuse that is home to Kraft’s leading factory producer of Philadelphia Cream Cheese. From Syracuse Post-Standard food writer Don Cazentre’s report:

The new Lowville cake will be about eight feet in diameter and 20 inches thick…

It will consist of 4,100 pounds of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, 750 pounds of sugar for the filling, 575 pounds of graham crackers for the crust, 350 pounds of butter (for crust) and 200 pounds of strawberry topping.

AP has picked up the story, so expect to see a stream of cake-pun headlines in the coming days. The bake-off will take place at Lowville’s 9th Annual Cream Cheese Festival; admission is free.

*Correction (11:45 a.m.):
We heard very quickly from a PR rep. Apparently, the info in Cazentre’s post was off-base. Lowville has never before held the Guinness World Record for cheesecake, only the U.S. national mark. And those folks in the UK are not officially recognized as world record holders. At press time, the mark belongs to Philadelphia Kraft Foods Mexico.

Update (October 11):
We meant to do this earlier. The final Guinness stats on Goldman’s new world record are as follows: 6,900 pounds; seven feet, 6.25 inches in diameter; two feet, seven inches high.