Dude, You Have to Follow Him on Twitter.

Today I stumbled across a little application called Twubble. Twubble takes the people that you follow and looks for the people they follow on twitter so you can add them. The service is neat and fun and lets you troll the twitters of all your friends. Looking at twubble I was reminded of a conversation I had the day before about who we follow on twitter.

I am a very active twitter user, I tweet about what I am doing, who I am talking to and try to engage in conversations when time permits. Others I know simply use twitter as a form of building personal brand awareness. The joy of twitter is that it allows for both and we can all mix in harmony.

One of the more interesting things about twitter is dichotomy of who you follow and who will follow you. How many times have you received a notification that someone was following you only to look at their profile and see that almost no one is following them? You quickly choose not to follow them because the must be uninteresting because of their lack of followers.

This leads me to the point of this post. How many people do you follow and let follow you just so you can say that you follow them? I have to admit there are a few people that I follow that I really don’t care what they have to say. Not many, but they are the type of people that add some level of legitimacy to my twitter because of their online stature.

It is horrible to say but I really care little about what these people have to say and I rarely interact with them in any form of conversation. On the other side of the coin I follow some people that have no stature online but provide me with hours of twitter fun. At one point a friend of mine said, “why would you follow her, all she tweets is non-sense.” Pure gold.

My point is for all the social equality, even playing field that social media claims to have, I am constantly seeing patterns of false hierarchies being associated with it. The fact that following people and being followed by people adds a level of prominence to my tweet about a movie I am watching pains me deep inside.

Do any of you out there agree with me about following and being followed on twitter? Do we somehow put a false aura around some people’s tweets? If you think I am writing about you out there in my twitter feed don’t worry, I love all my twitter friends. I just love some a little more than others.