Dude, It’s Just, Like, So Ambient In Here, You Know?


Last night’s activity calendar brought more of The OC and with it the travails of a rolling-her-face-off Harbor student named Jess. Whose “omg Marissa you are soooo beautiful” put us in a totally reminiscing totally ambient mood. It seemed a-contextually nostalgic until, this morning, we found this MoCoLoCo interview with rock-lock designer Peter Saville about his new ambience. An old AIGA interview (so worth reading if only for the pull quotes) says this about him:

An incisive cultural commentator. A design superstar. An international playboy with a London Mayfair apartment to match. A consistently unconventional, nomadic intellectual. A renaissance man with bad work habits.

MoCoLoCo’s a little more, er, serious, but there’s some interesting stuff and for the design competitors out there it turns out there’s yet another design competition to enter.

Go ahead and read. We’ll be over here, ambiently candyflipping with Captain Oats.