Duck Dynasty Game Duck Commander: Duck Defense Launches on Mobile

Duck CommanderActivision Publishing has announced the launch of Duck Commander: Duck Defense on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire devices. The game stars the Robertson’s, from A&E’s television series “Duck Dynasty,” and asks players to help the family complete tower defense levels by defeating – you guessed it – ducks (along with other forest creatures). In each of the game’s levels, players can build multiple varieties of towers, and will meet characters from the show that will help them out in different ways.

Duck Commander: Duck Defense contains 15 basic levels, which can each be played on three difficulty settings. Once players beat a level, they can try it again on a challenge mode, which is, as the name suggests, more challenging. In addition, the game includes an endless survival run, so players can test their defenses against an infinite onslaught of ducks.

In each level, players can build towers at strategic points along the path, using the currency they collect by killing ducks. Players can choose their main hero character, like Willie, leaving other characters, including Si, Phil and Jase, to fill secondary helper roles. The main character can be placed in any position on the path, as players see fit. The helper characters, meanwhile, can be brought in for temporary actions, like scaring some ducks off of the path or slowing down the advancement of ducks, giving the towers more time to attack them.

Towers come in multiple types, from tree stands and hunting blinds to an ATV garage, which dispatches another helper character that can be directed around the screen (the ATV is active for a limited time before it needs to recharge). These towers can be upgraded with additional powers, which increases their attack range in the process. A tree stand, for instance, can be upgraded with a doghouse and a dachshund that attacks enemies, while a hunting blind can be upgraded to toss decoy birds on the path, slowing nearby enemies.

In between stages, players can spend the coins they collect on power-ups, like grenades for stunning enemies, robots that fire guns at enemies for a limited period of time, and propane tanks that instantly clear the entire path, among others. Separate upgrades are also available for the game’s towers and characters, which may make towers cheaper to build, have a larger attack range, more attack power and more. For characters, these upgrades include increased attack powers, an increased rate of fire and more.

Duck Commander: Duck Defense is available to download for $1.99 on the iTunes App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. The Robertson’s have made another appearance on mobile in Zynga’s Duck Dynasty Slots, released in June 2014.