DubMeNow Updates Virtual Business Cards for iPhone, BlackBerry

We love our smart phones and we love the apps that are available to make our lives easier. DubMeNow has released its DUB version 2.0, which features a slew of updates made for BlackBerry and the new iPhone 3GS. DubMeNow, a virtual business card application, aims to help you network better, and the current updates reflect the company’s aim to do so.

The biggest aspect of DubMeNow’s current updates is the added support for LinkedIn. You can now send LinkedIn invites along with your mobile business card through DUB, enabling you to immediately connect through someone’s phone address book as well as the professional networking site.

A large benefit of the added LinkedIn support is the fact that LinkedIn is a widely used web service, meaning DubMeNow will be able to stretch its appeal to even more users. DubMeNow already had integration with a few other services, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and SugarCRM. But opening up for more mainstream networking tools in the professional world makes it that much easier to connect with others.

Creating such an appeal works in favor of DubMeNow’s long term goals, which include new user acquisition and retention. During our initial review of DubMeNow I mentioned the company’s possibilities in moving past a good theory to a widely adopted application. Layering in support for services that are already readily recognized and utilized by DubMeNow’s core demographic is a smart move.

Some other updates to DubMeNow include group excange options, which allows you to send your virtual business card to several people at once. Great for speakers that would like to give their contact info to more than one person during a single meeting or event. There’s also an improved design and user interface, which features a bit more minimalism and clearer directives for tab and sending options within the DubMeNow website.