DubMeNow Launches on All Mobile Phones, Seeks Growth

DubMeNow is one of those companies that sounds great in theory but may take some time to be fully adopted by a wide array of people. With DubMeNow’s latest announcement of being available on all mobile phones in the U.S., however, the company is taking another step towards widespread use as the service becomes more accessible to any potential user with a mobile phone.

The DubMeNow service works like this: you’re at a meeting or a networking event and you forgot your business cards. Wouldn’t it be easier to simply exchange contact information directly through each other’s phones? This mobile-to-mobile exchange is a conceptually great way in which to exchange information with a new contact, as it adds the name and the phone number, along with automatic updates to their address books whenever a contact’s information changes (similar to Plaxo). DubMeNow also offers a number of tagging options along with Google Maps integration to help you remember where you were when the two of you met.

The good thing about being available on all mobile phones is that such mobile-to-mobile information exchanging is not limited to just smart phones with more extensive address books, file-sharing options and update capabilities for syncing with desktop applications such as Outlook. DubMeNow now has a triple threat approach to its service, enabling smart phone options, non-smart phone options and web options for interacting with and staying abreast of ever-changing contact info.

A handful of new features are also being released this week, including a DUB ID, which is a unique identifier enabling you to exchange information without actually giving out your mobile number or email address. This feature alone could help DubMeNow gain some new members, as privacy options are sure to be a concern with many potential users. There’s also an option for Group sharing, where you can send your contact information with multiple people at once. This is handy for meetings, seminars, gatherings, etc.

For integration purposes, a couple new features on DubMeNow allow you to sync with other web-based services like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and SugarCRM to name a few. There’s also a new option for displaying DUB invites on your Twitter stream, which is an interesting option as it still has the potential to reach a user directly on their mobile but expands the invite system necessary for mobile-to-mobile sharing by casting a broadner net for requesting new user participation.

DubMeNow is also somewhat green, as it eliminates the need to print and exchange business cards. But as I said before, there needs to be a standard set out for mobile users to make DubMeNow a viable and permeated option in most social settings. Granted, a user can send an invite to a recipient via text message, but they’ll need the recipient’s cell phone number beforehand in order to do so. Nevertheless, DubMeNow’s new accessibility options and features make its service more attractive to potential new users, which will hopefully help this mobile business card service spread further.