dubdub Video Editing, Sharing App Launches on iOS

The dubdub app allows users to create and share up to 90-second videos.

Video editing application dubdub is now available on iOS, allowing users to create and share up to 90-second videos with others.

With dubdub, users can add one or more video clips or images to each video project, or dub. Users can capture new videos within the app, or they can import content from their camera rolls.

dubdub screenshots

Once users import their content, they can tap and hold on each clip or image to “commit” it to the final project. As users hold their fingers on the screen, the selected source videos will play in real-time, allowing users to lift their fingers to finish clips at the right moments. This also allows users to add multiple clips to their projects from the same source videos.

Elsewhere, users can also add text and music to their videos. In terms of music, users can upload music from their devices, or they can select songs from the dubsound library. Music in the dubsound library is available royalty-free for commercial use.

Once users have finished their dubs, they can share them with others in the app, or on social media. Users can browse dubs in a variety of categories, including music, automotive, health and fitness and more. In addition, users can post likes and comments on dubs. Finally, users can visit other users’ profiles to view the dubs they’ve created.

In a statement, Zbigniew Barwicz, president and CEO of dubdub, commented:

Creating quality video content can be intimidating and costly. The easy-to-use system we’ve created will empower bloggers to harness the influence of video to get noticed in today’s saturated market, and give them a platform to be seen by more fans and potential sponsors. dubdub brings high-quality video-production capabilities to all levels. By making shooting, editing and publishing beautiful quality videos more accessible, brands and influencers have a bigger opportunity to catapult themselves to new levels of recognition.

The dubdub app is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.

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