From The Hill… To Drudge… To Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh wonders why can't compete with Drudge.

At the end of former Senatorial and Congressional aide Brent Budowsky’s The Hill post about the gargantuan influence of The Drudge Report, the author writes:

In many ways, I deplore the influence of Matt Drudge, but in the meantime, would someone send this piece to Drudge and maybe he will post it (wink, wink)?

Drudge_05_08That entreaty seems to have worked, as Budowsky got the double rainbow of a two-different-headlines, single-URL shout out at the Drudge end. Those mentions in turn caught the attention of Rush Limbaugh, who clicked, read and today commented about The Hill piece on his radio show:

“The fact that Drudge has no competitors is what stands out to me. This guy [Budowsky] admits it. There are no competitors. The New York Times ought to be the Drudge page! The newspaper of record? The greatest newspaper in the world? If it were being run by true news people, the New York Times would be what the Drudge page is. If you want to know what’s happening wherever and things that matter and are important, you go there. That’s the reputation all these news organizations want, isn’t it?”

“But they don’t have it. Matt Drudge has it. And he links to some things in the New York Times, but not everything. Some things in the Washington Post. Days go by and there won’t be something there from either publication. Other days, the page is overloaded with links to those papers. It just depends. But the idea that Drudge doesn’t have any competition is admitted to by this guy at”

Just one more feather in the fedora of the Internet’s anachronistic media baron.