DropToMe Combines Social Networking and E-Commerce

If you’re looking for another social recommendation site to help you get the best deals out of your online shopping, DropToMe might just be the web service you are looking for. Using its proprietary algorithm, DropToMe offers up a wonderfully accurate online product recommendation.

DropToMe is social networking site for e-commerce site that provides relevant and accurate shopping recommendation based on your product wish lists. Unlike e-commerce site, DropToMe base its recommendation on compares products with your product wish lists, instead of ranking those products and recommending those on top of the ranks to you.

Even more useful is the fact that those products that you recommend are products that you actually find or discover yourselves. The same thing is true for product recommendations discovered by your friends who in turn share their discoveries to you, not just for the sake of recommending but moreso because they know you’d like those products.

Now here’s the sweetest thing, DropToMe features an easy-to-use drag and drop interface that will make sharing your product discoveries to your friends who might like them easily.

Although currently in Beta, DropToMe seems to be a pretty promising social networking/web 2.0 tool/service. We hope to see more members come in the near future.