DropSync For Android Automatically Syncs Files With Dropbox

I have long been an advocate for using Internet-based file storage services with mobile devices, and I particularly like Dropbox. You can find Dropbox apps for just about every mobile platform as well as Windows and Mac desktop computers. DropSync is a Android app that provides file synchronization with Dropbox for Android devices.

One of the differences between the desktop and mobile apps is that the desktop apps provide automatic file synchronization. You can simply copy a file to the Dropbox folder on your PC and it is automatically uploaded to the Dropbox service. Any files that you add to the Dropbox service from a mobile device automatically downloads to desktop computers. The mobile apps have a manual file upload process that involves starting the Dropbox app and selecting the file to upload, and you browse folders online to open them rather than download them to the device.. DropSync monitors specific folders on the Android device and Dropbox and keeps the files in the folders in sync.

Unfortunately, the process of adding a file to synchronize on an Android device is not particularly easy, and requires a third party file explorer to copy files into the folder. One way you can make the process easier is to select a folder on the device to synchronize that is used automatically by apps to write files. An example is the DCIM folder on the SDCard, which is where the Camera app stores pictures. If you select the DCIM folder to sync, then the pictures that you take with your device will be automatically copied to your Dropbox account.

DropSync is available in free and paid versions. The free version only allows synchronization of one set of folders, while the paid “Pro” version supports multiple folders. The free version will also only synchronize files every 12 or 24 hours, if you want a shorter time interval you will need to buy the Pro version for $5.69.

Because Android doesn’t have a File, Save As feature that allows you to specify which folder to save a file to, I am not sure using DropSync is much easier than manually uploading the file using the Dropbox Android app because you need to use a file explorer app. You can use DropSync to backup your photos, which in itself is a handy feature, but there are other options like picplz and Google+.