Dropp Combines Yelp Recommendations and FourSquare Check-Ins Into One App

Dropp, by Sense Lab, is an amazing new app at the Apple app store that lets users add location-based message and photos to a place to be read by friends and other users. Leaving a Dropp is very simple, all you have to do is open the app, use the map and leave a text/picture message at your current location. Its like leaving a message capsules at a particular place having no time boundaries.

The uses of this app are limitless, but some usage scenarios includes;

  • Give your friends a virtual tour of the city you already know.
  • Dropp menu item recommendations for a particular restaurant.
  • Dropp reminder notes for yourself around town.
  • Dropp a note for your family member to purchase, lets say milk, on their visit to grocery store.
  • Setup a location based-promotion campaign or contests.

According to Sense Lab; Dropp uses a low-power location services mode in the background to alert you of the Dropps in the vicinity. Thus, your battery life is expected to remain unaffected. The location service icon remains on in your menu bar at all times and if the app is active it only uses the GPS.

The application will continue to improve with the increase in the user base, as is the case with all social networks. With more people using it, this app can turn out to be far better than foursquare and Facebook check ins because of its inclination towards recommendations and reviews and not just check-ins. In other words, Dropp can also be termed as the Yelp for Check-ins. Following is the screen shot of the app in action.