Drop.io Launches Playlist Applet for Easy Listening

Drop.io is all about file-storage, sharing and making these easier tasks. Taking advantage of the cloud, Drop.io has build a new applet that makes it drop-dead simple to create a playlist that can be accessed via the web, anywhere and anytime. The new feature, rightly titled playlist.io, lets you take songs from your computer and add them to a playlist with a few clicks. This works with your iTunes songs as well.

Once you’ve created a playlist, you’re able to pull up your playlist.io on any computer or compatible mobile device that’s able to access the web. Music from existing Drop.io folders can also be added to your playlist, with drag-n-drop capabilities. As with anything sent to your Drop.io account, a playlist can be made private or can be shared with privacy settings.

Moving a bit beyond the direct playlist.io experience, two other new features enhance playlist.io for mobile users and iTunes users. Under the newly released Drop.io API base iPhone app (named droppler), music can be streamed directly to your iPhone. And in a two-way integration, subscribing to a playlist will also automatically send updated content to your iTunes as a podcast.

While the ability to add things such as music was already a working option for Drop.io users, the added benefit of being able to stream that music in a dedicated player from the cloud makes media-sharing and accessibility that much easier. It seems like the sensible solution for better enabling end users to interact with their saved content. So far the playlist.io player is pretty basic, though it features some of the same skinning and customization options as your regular Drop.io interface. Perhaps some additional options for playlist.io will include more social networking or browser-based integration for continued feature adaptations many users would appreciate.

In regards to such efforts, Drop.io is also clear to encourage developers to build applications that work with Drop.io, using its API. To that end, perhaps well see more interesting applications come of Drop.io or playlist.io, or both. Drop.io has also hinted that it will be creating and launching more applets such as playlist.io, or the Firefox plugin Drop.io released late least year for yet another layer of simplified social sharing via the cloud.

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