Drop.io Launches Application to Share Anything

-Drop.io Logo- Wait, doesn’t Facebook already enable you to share just about anything with your friends? It definitely does, but unfortunately not everything. What happens if you want to call in a voice message and have it display on your profile? What happens if you want to share a large file with your friends and be able to dispose of that file with the drop of a dime?

If you don’t know what Drop.io is, it’s a resource for anybody to anonymously create a drop space for sharing any type of data with others privately. You can send data to your virtual “drop space” any way you want: via phone, email, web, widget or fax. The Facebook application extends these features to your social graph. Want your friends to check out a new song you just recorded but don’t want to share it with the world?

Go create a drop space and notify your friends of the new song you just created. They can visit your profile and pick up the song from your drop space. Want to get rid of the song because you come to the conclusion that you didn’t have the proper recording equipment the first time around? No problem! Delete it from your drop space or delete your drop space all together and nobody can access it ever again.

Drop.io clearly has competition in the market but the differentiating factor is the ability to privately share information. While the Facebook application doesn’t appear to have granular settings yet (something that I think this definitely needs if they are going to stick with their vision), I expect them to add this in the near future. Drop.io is a great tool for sharing information up to 100 MB instantly.

Want more space? You can go ahead and purchase larger drop spaces. The rate is currently $10 per gigabyte per year. If you want to check out the new service, start by creating your own space via Drop.io and then visit http://drop.io/[yourdropname]/add_to_fb. This will instantly make your drop space available via Facebook. Check it out and let us know what you think!