Drop.io Facebook Connect Turns Feeds into File Sharing

Drop.io has made it possible to connect any drop directly to your Facebook feed through it’s Facebook app. While Facebook is the largest online photo sharing site, it’s interesting to see drop.io build on the network’s file-sharing capabilities through Facebook Connect integration. In this way, Drop.io leverages Facebook as a file-sharing medium by making file-sharing easier than what we’ve seen with previous Facebook apps.

Through Drop.io’s Facebook Connect integration you can directly update your Facebook feed with any media file. This expands on the media-sharing potential, from dropping the usual picture or link to leaving a voicemail drop and emailing your feed. There is also the ability to use the drop.io Firefox plugin to directly drop files into your feed as well. You can drop as much as you want to your profile and/or connect your drop to multiple profiles.

These functions are accessible through your drop.io site and link back to facebook. This opens up the original purpose of drop.io to the popularity of Facebook allowing drop.io to mainstream their service, making media-sharing accessible and input/output simple. To give the service a tour you can access the demo or view the screencast below.

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