Dropbox announces Datastore API for mobile data syncing

Image courtesy Dropbox

At Dropbox’s first DBX developer conference, the cloud storage service announced the launch of the Datastore API, a new series of tools that allows for storage and syncing of mobile data across more formats than basic files and folders.

The Datastore API will allow developers to move beyond traditional files and support storage of content within mobile applications, including contacts, user settings, ‘to-do’ or other list items and even drawings users create within applications.

When using an app supported by the Datastore API, users will be able to store and access up-to-date information whether online or offline. If the data is accessed on multiple devices, the changes to the item will carry over without duplication or deletion of previous changes. If an app is accessed offline, any changes will be synced the next time an internet connection is available.

In addition to simply making life simpler for mobile users, as settings aren’t lost even when accessing applications on new or different devices, the Datastore API also makes development easier on developers.

The Datastore Explorer dashboard provides developers a look at how data changes within their applications, with should simplify the debugging process.

During the DBX conference, Dropbox revealed that over 175 million people are using the service. More than a billion files are synced across Dropbox each day.

The Datastore API is now available in beta across iOS, Android and Javascript.