Drop Cards: Upload. Design. Distribute.

This Web site is geared towards companies that specialize or utilize some form of digital media and downloads. Dropcards are the size of credit cards, made out of plastic or metal, that can be tailored to your company’s specifications, wants and needs. They are designed to be distributed to whomever your audience may be, and contain an access code that your customers would plug into your website to download digital media.
The Web site breaks it down in easy steps for you to get started with your Dropcards:

1. Sign up using Dropcards website, download your digital media, and create a Dropcards profile.
2. Upload your artwork or company logo that you want to be printed on the Dropcards.
3. The company then prints it onto plastic “download” cards and assigns access codes so that your customers can use it to download your personal digital media.
4. Sell or distribute your cards as you see fit to your audience.

The prices vary depending on the quantity you purchase, but the basics start at $0.50 per card. For the ease of using the website, combined with the reasonable pricing, this company seems like a great opportunity for those that operate in this specific niche of marketing.

Like a business card on steroids, these cards might cost a lot more, but have the potential to convert Drop Card receivers into customers. What’s neat about them is the ability to track who visited your Website to take further action. In a world where impressions and clicks are no longer enough, this product looks to provide an accurate metric.

Oh, and there’s also a price match promise if you track down a company doing the same thing.