Droog Selects the Longest Bench Ever


If you’ll remember from a while back, Droog had been commissioned by the Dutch Ministry offices to put together some kind of gift that the Dutch embassies throughout the world could give out to visitors. So they held a design competition and whittled it down to ten interesting finalists. Just yesterday, we learned by way of Dezain, they announced a winner: Claudia Linders and her gigantic bench (click on the first news story):

After thoroughly discussing every finalists’ work they were unanimous in their decision; the winner is Claudia Linders! “Space to Take Place” [Linder’s concept]: the idea to build a 100-meter bench in the Netherlands and give away partial ownership of it, not only stimulates images of the Netherlands in people living far away, but is also interesting as a project that will actually realize a bench as collective property.