Droog Design to Open Shop in New York

Speaking of shops, our lovely acquaintance, Penelope Green, reports in the NY Times that the world famous design collective, Droog, is set to open a store in SoHo in New York within the next two weeks. They’ll be selling their very unique pieces of furniture, as well as from other designers they admire, all of which certainly won’t be for the everyday, Ikea-normalized home, nor are we thinking will they be very inexpensive to purchase. But still, certainly worth a trip once the store opens toward the end of the month, if just to gaze at what you might have in your home if a) you had lots of money or b) all of your furniture wouldn’t gang up and beat this Droog stuff up in the middle of the night for being too cool. Here’s a bit:

Speaking by phone from Amsterdam, [Droog co-founder Ms. Renny Ramakers] described a kind of exploded house made from bricks of blue foam, conceived by Jurgen Bey, the Rotterdam-based designer. Pieces of this structure will sprout from the SoHo showroom’s floor: a door here, a chimney there, a balcony in another corner. Droog products will perch on top or nestle within these deconstructed blue bits, and if you like the bits — a section of that balcony, for instance — you can buy them, too.

Limited info is also available on Droogs’ site, which is likely to have more once they open.