Droid/Qik vs. Lumix ZS3 High-Def Video/YouTube

Shortly before leaving last week, I decided to NOT take a digital camera and just rely on smartphone cameras during my conference trip. Then, the day before my flight I stopped by a local Costco and noticed the…

Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3: Small 10 Megapixel Camera, 12x Zoom, HD Video

…available for about $260. It was smaller than the Canon PowerShot 710IS and G9 cameras that I had been traveling with for the past couple of years. And, it had a much greater optical zoom (12x vs. 5x and 6x). I changed my mind right there, bought the camera and used it all last week alongside my various smartphones (including a Droid). Qik provides a higher-than-usual video stream upload for the Motorola Droid. So, I used it to record the fascinating Microsoft Globe at the entrance of the Microsoft Visitor Center. You can see that video embedded above.

I was so impressed by the Globe that I decided I needed an HD (720p) recording of it too. You can see the Lumix ZS3 video recording above. You can really see the differene if you view each video in full screen mode. But, it is also interesting to simulatenously play back both videos above to get a feel for the video quality. The Droid does a reasonably good job of recording video (the Nexus One does a much better job, by the way). But, I’m glad I bought a “real” digital camera with a good video recording capability with me on this trip.