Droga5 and Meek Mill Amplify the Voices of Prisoners Facing Covid-19 Risks Behind Bars

Reform Alliance recorded real calls with inmates who say they can't socially distance

Reform Alliance campaign raises awareness of Covid-19 risk to prisoners. Reform Alliance/Droga5

Droga5 has used the voices of real prisoners in a powerful new campaign to raise awareness of the coronavirus risk to inmates living in communal conditions for the Reform Alliance.

“Answer Their Call” aims to sound the alarm that Covid-19 can “turn a prison sentence into a death sentence” for inmates who say they are unable to socially distance due to prison living conditions.

It features 23 unscripted, recorded phone calls of real, concerned prisoners across more than a dozen institutions. The campaign aims to encourage people to share the content and sign a petition calling on officials to take action to make prisons safer.

According to the Reform Alliance, a majority of coronavirus hotspots in the US have been linked to high rates of infection inside prisons–with up to 80% of prisoners testing positive in one institution.

The campaign will “hijack” people’s social feeds with the hashtag #AnswerTheirCall in order to generate empathy for prisoners in the U.S.–a majority of whom, the organization said, have been incarcerated for minor offenses.

Kicking off the campaign, hip-hop artist and Reform Alliance co-chair Meek Mill dropped a hotline number (833-229-8300) on his social platforms on Tuesday.  When people call the number they will hear a real recorded phone call with an inmate.

Callers will then receive a follow up text prompting them to take action by sharing the #AnswerTheirCall audio files to amplify the voices of inmates. The audio is also live across Reform’s social channels.

Droga5 said other “partners” will post phone call recordings throughout the campaign, though the agency has kept the identity of those people under wraps for now. A new, emotive film will also launch Monday.

“All of these people are worthy of redemption; we should be helping them as they work to turn their lives around–not allowing them to die in a cage,” the agency said.

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