Adds Reply By Voice

I last wrote about back in April, when the app first became available and now the 2.0 version is available. The point of the app is to keep you focused on driving while still providing a way to monitor and react to incoming messages. When is running it monitors incoming text messages and e-mail and reads them to you. In the first release you could configure so that it automatically sent a response when you received a text message. 2.0 now provides the ability for one to respond to text and e-mail messages by voice. After it reads a messages you can speak one of of the following commands: Call back, Repeat, Respond, Help, and No Action. When you say “respond” you are prompted to speak your response to the message and then the program translates it to text, speaks it back to you to confirm it is correct, and sends the e-mail or text message. One limitation of the app is that it only works with the phone’s mic and does not work with Bluetooth headsets.

There are free and paid versions of The free version reads the first 25 words of the message, while the paid version reads 500 words and provides an option for female and male versions for an annual $13.95 fee. If you are interested in trying out you will find the free version in the Android Market.