Drive Safely

While mobile phones make us more productive and enable us to stay in touch, they unfortunately create safety hazards on the road. It was bad enough with regular cell phones, but smartphones that we use for e-mail and text messaging have made the problem worse. The problem seems to be rooted in a certain compulsiveness that causes people to use their phones while driving, even when they know they need to keep their attention on the road.

If you have an Android, iPhone, Blackberry, or Windows Mobile phone, and are afraid of missing a text message or e-mail while you are driving, or just can’t seem to keep your hands off the phone, is a program for you. When is running it will monitor for incoming text messages and e-mail and read them to you. also reads caller ids. You can configure to automatically send a reply, which you can use to inform the sender that you are driving and will respond to their message later.

You will find a review of for Android on the Android Tapp web site. The program is available in the Android, iPhone, and Blackberry app stores, or you can download it from’s web site.

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