Drive engagement with Glyder’s rich content

Glyder is a new iOS-based tool that enables business owners and marketers to quickly and easily generate rich content for publication via email, various social media/marketing services or iOS 6’s new Passbook feature. It’s available now as a free download from the App Store.

Glyder is extremely simple to use. Users have the option of either starting from a post template or creating their own “Glyder” post. Both take users to the same design screen — the only difference in using a template is that the information is pre-populated with default text and, in some cases, sample images.

A Glyder needs, as a bare minimum, a headline, a picture (from either the user’s photo library or taken with the camera), a short message, a company name and a website. Once the latter two parts have been filled in once, they  are stored within the app, but can be changed at any time for those who manage several businesses or pages.

Photographs can be panned and zoomed as the user pleases if there is a specific detail they would like to focus on. An Instagram-style “filter” may also be switched on and off at will, but is not customizable beyond this. The post may, however, be customized with a choice of “styles,” each of which changes the color and font scheme and sometimes makes minor adjustments to the layout. The user may freely switch between themes at will to see how their content looks in different styles — there is no need to re-enter information.

Once a Glyder post has been completed, the user may then share it via a variety of means including email, Facebook, Mailchimp, Twitter and text message. Twitter and Facebook functionality make use of iOS 5 and 6’s built-in social features respectively, while Mailchimp requires a login within the app. Text messaging support is presently only available in the United States.

Interestingly, the app also supports iOS 6’s Passbook feature. Upon activating Passbook, users can add a relevant address to their post, and users will then be able to add this to their Passbook to see relevant offers on their phone’s lock screen if they are physically near the address in question. Unfortunately for international users, there appears to be no means of changing the country setting for this, meaning that at present it will only work in the United States.

Glyder is a very solid app that works extremely well. It is very easy to create a post and share it online, making it ideal for social marketers hoping to drive engagement with their brand through social media. At the same time, though, it is also a fun app for individual users to create captioned posts to publish on Facebook and Twitter.

Perhaps the only real concern for now is that the app does not appear to monetize. This is great for users, of course, but not so great for Glyder’s long-term viability. It would be very easy for the developer to add some in-app purchase options — perhaps for “premium themes” with greater customization, or support for multiple photographs. The app does invite users to email the team if they would like a custom Glyder design — and presumably charge for this service — but it would be a relatively simple matter to add the option for in-app purchases to directly monetize from within the app.

This issue aside — which isn’t an issue at all for end users, only the developer — Glyder is an excellent app that does what it sets out to do simply and effectively. It’s a straightforward, easy to use app that is suitable for a wide variety of users, from individuals simply looking for a new way to share content to businesses looking for attractive means through which to engage their customers.