Drippler racks up 2.5 million downloads for its Android-based recommendation service

Drippler, the Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup that provides users with device-related content and information for their Android devices, announced today its suite of apps have now been downloaded more than 2.5 million times.

Users get information from Drippler’s apps in the form of what the company calls “Drips” — usage tips, software updates, app recommendations, accessories, reviews and more. Under the hood, the app works by scanning hundreds of tech websites and blogs and then matching that content to the user’s relevant device. By default, users receive one Drip per day.

Drippler started out by creating individual apps for specific Android devices, but in May, the company launched a unified app that automatically detects a user’s device and supports all models of Android smartphone. According to Drippler CEO and co-founder Matan Talmi, the auto-detecting Drippler app alone is close to 500,000 downloads and many users are still using the company’s device-specific apps, which it continues to support.

Drippler also recently optimized the performance of its apps, by releasing an update that cut data usage by 35 percent and reduced battery consumption by 20 percent. The update was developed with the help of a free diagnostic tool from AT&T called the Application Resource Optimizer (ARO). The update has also improved performance on Drippler’s side — the company’s servers are now using 70GB less bandwidth a month than they were before. Well-known developers like Pandora and Zynga have also used AT&T’s ARO to improve the performance of their apps.

When AT&T reached out to Drippler, Talmi says his company was glad to participate in the program because his team’s main concern is a better user experience.

“We’re always listening to user suggestions and comments,” Talmi tells Inside Mobile Apps. “A lot of them are around app performance. This is something users are sensitive about these days. Everybody wants to cut down on the data they’re using and have apps with longer battery life running as fast as possible.” Drippler currently has 100,000 daily active users and more than half a million monthly active users across its line of apps.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, the universal Drippler app is currently the No. 24 highest-ranked app in the News & Magazines category.

Currently, the Drippler team is focusing on growth above monetization. Talmi tells us his company’s users are constantly discovering new apps, games and accessories for their device, so in the future Drippler plans to implement a sponsored model in order to earn a revenue share from those referrals.

Drippler has so far received $250,000 in funding. Investors include SAP Business One founder Reuven Agassi, Aladdin Knowledge Systems founder Yanki Margalit and Magic Software Enterprises founder David Assia.