Drink and be merry: Top 25 alcohol Facebook pages

Many Christmas revelers will be adding a little something to their coffee, cocoa or other mixer this holiday season to liven up the party. But what is the alcohol of choice for Facebook users?

Russian vodka Smirnoff has the most likes of any wine/spirits Facebook page, beating out Bacardi by 3 million likes, according to PageData. However, in the past week, Johnnie Walker whisky has added more than 72,000 Facebook fans.

Click below to see if your favorite spirit made the list.

#NameTotal Likes Daily GrowthWeekly Growth
1    Smirnoff10,399,620+7,754+49,728
2    Bacardi7,238,215+2,388+14,189
3    Captain Morgan4,988,930+2,038+23,408
4    Johnnie Walker4,671,985+10,553+72,716
5    Absolut4,644,110+3,139+27,552
6    Jack Daniel’s Tennessee W…4,395,521+1,776+20,909
7    Jägermeister3,199,428+6,219+41,937
8    Disaronno2,825,653+3,108+19,747
9    Patrón Tequila2,492,169+2,858+20,118
10    Martini2,433,258+2,028+17,997
11    Johnnie Walker Brasil2,197,198+4,577+17,570
12    Malibu Rum2,035,181+1,070+8,113
13    Fernet Branca1,732,616+78+651
14    Hennessy1,562,013+1,033+7,217
15    Grey Goose Vodka1,417,182+1,178+3,675
16    Tia Maria1,411,968+1,858+13,503
17    Havana Club1,404,365+745+6,034
18    Belvedere Vodka1,312,114+80+560
19    Jack Daniel’s Brasil1,269,184-17+371
20    SKYY VODKA Brasil1,190,997-68+2,177
21    Old Parr1,181,308+635+4,585
22    Signature1,119,247-182-980
23    [yellow tail]1,065,358+1,147+8,960
24    Jack Daniel’s Tennessee H…1,037,047+366+4,578
25    Arbor Mist1,032,331-22-112


Top image courtesy of Shutterstock.com.

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