Dress Up Journos

The following notice was sent to White House reporters:

    As we move back to the West Wing, this reminder:

    Professional attire is required for all media covering presidential photo opportunities/ events in the West Wing (Oval Office, Cabinet Room, Roosevelt Room and other pooled events with the POTUS)

  • No beach attire or flip flops
  • No shorts
  • No torn, frayed, or soiled clothing
  • No collarless t-shirts. Neat, long sleeved shirts or collared golf shirts (business casual) is advisable.

    The White House has asked that we remind all news organizations of this policy. And again, this is for POOLED EVENTS in the West Wing !

Also, Tony Snow bid farewell to Jackson Place last week:

    MR. SNOW: Feeling nostalgic?

    Q Are you?

    MR. SNOW: Our last on-camera briefing at this lovely facility.

    Q Do you like it here?

    MR. SNOW: I like it here, but only because of the company. So I will be happy — (laughter) — so I will like it when we’re in Room 450 and I’ll really like it when we’re in the new briefing room.