Dreamworks CEO: ‘Here’s the Thing That Really Pisses Me Off About 3-D. It Actually Will Not Make a Crappy Movie Good.’

During tonight’s opening ceremony for the American Magazine Conference, Fortune managing editor Andy Serwer interviewed Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg.

The pair discussed Dreamworks’ foray into the 3-D world. “It will be the third great revolution,” Katzenberg said, comparing it to both the additions of sound and color to movies. “Movies today are the equivalent of vinyl records.”

3-D won’t be the silver bullet to fix bad moviemaking, however. “Here’s the thing that really pisses me off about 3-D. (Dramatic pause.) It actually will not make a crappy movie good,” the CEO lamented, adding “I think it will make good movies great.”

Katzenberg foresees a time in the near future when people have “movie glasses” they bring to the theater to view 3-D flicks. He’s currently working with a company to develop lenses that serve as sunglasses in the light but would change once a person entered a darkened movie house.

Katzenberg also mentioned a Los Angeles Times critic who disagreed with the executive’s vision of the 3-D world. “Just for sport, he takes out the baseball bat and kicks the crap out me on some subject or another,” Katzenberg said. “He called me the Harold Hill of 3-D.” In response to the column, the head honcho penned an article that appeared in Variety (after LAT brass refused the story.

But does he really read US Weekly?

“I love magazines,” the CEO said. “I have a voracious appetite for them.” (He stopped short of claiming to be an addict.)

“I love travel magazines. I can’t wait to get them. I love architectural magazines. I find myself thumbing through the ‘photo’ magazines.’ US, People. [They capture] a segment of the youth population. Sometimes my son, actually. … I don’t find I read much in them.