DreamWalk Interactive Launches Surfy on iOS

Melbourne, Australia-based DreamWalk Interactive has announced the launch of its newest game on iOS devices: Surfy. Inspired by classic titles like California Games, the “endless surfer” challenges players to survive as long as they can while riding the waves, collecting coins and completing missions by hitting (or avoiding) items while surfing, among other tasks.

In each game of Surfy, players tap on the left and right sides of the screen to change the surfer’s orientation in the water. Tapping and holding on the left sends the surfer towards the top of the screen, where he’ll automatically jump into the air, hitting birds and other obstacles in the sky. Contrary to logic, hitting things like birds is actually a good thing, and is required to unlock some items while playing. This airtime is also the time to perform tricks by doing spins in the sky (achieved by tapping and holding on one side of the screen).

Tapping on the right side sends the surfer towards the bottom of the screen. Hold for too long, and the surfer hits rough water and the game is over.

Surfy, then, becomes a balance of taps and holds on either side of the screen, as players must always ensure the surfer lands in the correct orientation for a proper landing. This is achieved by making sure to rotate the surfboard until the dial in the top left corner of the screen is in the green. If it’s in the red, the surfer wipes out and players have to start over from scratch.SurfyTreasure chests are scattered throughout the water, containing coins or power-ups like rockets, which give players enough speed to rocket into outer space (or otherwise achieve great airtime). Obviously, the longer the surfer stays in the air on a single jump, the more time players have to perform tricks (again, all by alternating between taps on both sides of the screen), and the more points they’ll earn as a result. Other powers include super-spins, which allow players to spin faster while in the air, shields which protect the surfer from obstacles (like whales or rocks in the ocean), and anti-gravity boosts which also allow players to perform bigger and better stunts by slowing down their falling speed while in the air.

As players complete specific tasks, like jumping into space, or hitting a bird while playing, they’ll unlock new surfboards. These boards each have their own speed, handling, tolerance and airtime ratings, and can be swapped in between games so players can find one that best matches their play style. Players can also activate different surf characters, including two female options.

Outside of the game’s single player mode, users can login to Facebook to unlock multiplayer, challenging their friends to turn-based games, where each player tries to earn as many points as possible in a single run of the game.

“We wanted to put a modern twist on a classic genre,” said Sam Russell, head of development at DreamWalk, in a statement. “We hope gamers find Surfy as addictive and fun as the games that inspired us to make it.”

Surfy is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The game is monetized via the purchase of coin packs, which help players purchase their own power-ups and surfboards, rather than waiting for them to appear naturally while playing.