Dreamstime Launches WordPress Plugin for Stock Photos

Finding images is my least favorite part of writing on the web. As a freelancer, it’s worse, because you don’t get to play with an organization’s subscription to Getty Images. It’s one thing when you can pull editorial photos for breaking news. It’s another entirely when you’re writing about, well, stock photos and need some media.

So let’s just say it: in those cases, it’s probably better to create your own art. But until they find me another in the hour in the day, stock photos it is. 

Dreamstime Content Strategy Director Clif Haley understands, which is why they’ve recently released a plugin for WordPress to make searching for media a little easier:

It seemed like kind of a no brainer, I always thought it was kind of a pain to find images and save them to my hard drive. It really put a damper on workflow, so I thought if we could streamline that practice and you could do that from WordPress’ backend while you’re writing a post, then why not? It’s only going to help people get their jobs done.

There are other stock photo plugins for WordPress, but Haley thinks the quality of Dreamstime images and the sleakness of the plugin make it a good choice. They added a button, an interface pops up, and you can search right there. Choose a free photo, and the watermark disappears and an attribution caption is added. You can delete the caption (but don’t, please, you know better than that).

They currently have over 10,000 free images and they are thinking of adding more, “primarily because of the plugin,” says Haley. Dreamstime’s free images are either donated by the contributor or have run through their commercial license — so any free image was once good enough to be bought.

You can download the plugin here, and if you have a Dreamstime account, everything you pull from the plugin is linked to it, so your purchases and history is all in one place. What’s your stance on stock photos? Let us know in the comments or @10,000Words.