Dreamics Launches Jolly Jam on iOS

jolly jam 650Cubles developer Dreamics has launched its newest puzzle game on iOS devices: Jolly Jam. The level-based title initially resembles a basic match-three game, but the gameplay here is actually quite different. Instead of swapping the locations of jelly fruit pieces to create matches, players drag their finger to create boxes around large groups of multiple kinds of fruit to remove some from the screen.

In each level of Jolly Jam, players tap on a fruit, and then drag their finger to create a box where the opposite corner matches that first fruit, regardless of the variety of fruits inside the box. So long as the corners match, the move is valid and all matching fruit are removed from the screen. For example, players may tap and hold their finger on top of a grape, and drag their finger diagonally to another grape to remove all matching fruit inside this newly-created box.

Each level has different completion requirements and a different board layout, which impacts the sizes and shapes of boxes that can be created (since boxes can’t be formed outside the lines). Many also come with move limits. One level may ask players to collect large amounts of specific varieties of fruit, while another level type introduces monsters to the board. These jelly monsters will eat nearby fruit pieces, and must be collected by trapping them inside a box of the same color. However, the monsters can’t be used as either corner piece. Some levels introduce fruit trapped in ice cubes, among other level types. Boss battles are even available for additional challenge. Here, players will need to make matches with large quantities of specific fruit to damage the boss.

Throughout it all, players can create boxes that are true squares, or long and narrow rectangles, depending on the layout of the fruit on the screen, and what would remove the most fruit possible in a single move. The game also supports single line moves, which are incredibly narrow, and see players simply connecting two pieces of fruit in a single row or column (helpful when removing monsters).

Special fruit are added to the screen as gamers make boxes containing five or more matching jelly fruits. These may create a whirlpool when activated, destroying all nearby fruit. They may clear whole rows and columns of fruit from the board, or even remove each fruit of a single type, regardless of location.

Eventually, players unlock additional power-ups, like one that allows them to remove a single jelly or monster from the board, or another that can be used to instantly collect all of the fruit or monsters in a single row and column, among others. These powers are given away in small quantities for free, and can be purchased with premium currency (real money).

At the end of each level, players earn up to three stars, depending on their final score. Any remaining moves are turned into special jellies, boosting the player’s high score, hopefully helping them reach that three-star mark for the stage. If players fail to complete a stage before running out of moves, they lose a life. These recharge automatically over time, or can be purchased.

Players can login to Facebook to sync their progress across devices, and compare their progress and level scores with their friends. Users can also send extra move bonuses to their friends, and they’ll receive free premium currency for connecting their account.

Jolly Jam is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.