Dream Zoo Helps Zynga Bump Its Daily Active Users on Mobile to 13M

Zynga had added almost 2 million new mobile daily active users in about a month according to new data that chief executive Mark Pincus shared with prospective investors ahead of next week’s expected initial public offering.

The company now has 13 million daily active users on mobile platforms, up from the 11.1 million users it was seeing on average per day through October, according to the most recent amendment of its IPO filing. Pincus revealed the numbers at an investors’ lunch a Reuters journalist attended.

In the third quarter ending in September, Zynga had 9.9 million daily active users on its mobile games, a number that was already a tenfold increase over what it had at the beginning of 2011, when its games had issues cracking the top 50 on the iOS top grossing charts. We don’t know for sure, but it’s possible that Zynga is second in daily active users only to Angry Birds developer Rovio, which last said it had 30 million daily actives. Outfit7, which says it has 70 million monthly active users, might potentially have as much or more than Zynga too.

Zynga last said it had 54 million daily active users overall through the third quarter, and AppData shows that the company currently has 51 million daily actives on Facebook. So if the company has reached 13 million daily actives on mobile, that implies that more than a quarter of Zynga’s daily actives are coming from Android and iOS.

That’s a win for the company as it tries to diversify its revenue stream and convince investors its success isn’t tied solely to Facebook. Zynga made 93 percent of its revenue from Facebook in the third quarter, according to its filing.

Out of the company’s 13 Android and iOS apps, Pincus singled out the success of Words with Friends, which has grown from two to 10 million users in just one year. (Those numbers conflate Facebook and mobile usage, however, so we’re not sure exactly how many daily actives the iOS and Android versions actually have.)

Currently Zynga has three titles in the iPhone top grossing charts – Poker by Zynga, Words with Friends and its newest game Dream Zoo, which has performed well since its official debut at the end of November. The company’s other new mobile game, Mafia Wars Shakedown hasn’t performed as well since it was released, and has dropped to the number 83 spot on the top grossing apps list according to AppData.